Why lifestyle photography? 

I love in capturing life, emotions and the beauty of everyday.  Do you like making pancakes as a family every Saturday? I would love to capture that-you won’t even know I am there!  Or do you like playing in the sea on summer days? Let's do it!  Splashing in puddles after a good rain or playing in the leaves in Autumn? I’m there! Or we can just hang around your house or at a park/beach that you love. I want to tell your family's story and document your life in that moment.  Because in time, memories will fade and your photos won’t.

Where are you located and do you travel to my suburb?

I am located on Sydney's North Shore, and my sessions typically take place all over the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Hills District.

But I also travel outside of these locations, in fact I love new locations. Where ever you are in Sydney, Central Coast or even in another state, we will work together to come up with the best possible location for your family and for the feel of what you want from your images.

What will my session be like?

I like to keep things genuine + real. We'll probably chat a bit, I'll get to know you and your kids and I'll take photos as we go. I plan for one to two hours per shoot. You're always my only session of the day, so you can rest assured that I'll take the time needed to authentically document the story of you. I'll become a fly on the wall and capture lots of in-between shots. Your kid might have a giggling fit. Your kid might have a meltdown. I'll capture that too. And I'm willing to bet those will be your favourites.

Do you use props in your newborn session?

No I don't. I don't use a beanbag, blankets, bowls, backgrounds or anything that a studio photographer might use. Instead, I come to your home and I capture you just as you are. There is no posing, just gentle guidance.

How do I prepare my home so it looks good for the photos?

Sometimes people can get a bit anxious about whether their home is tidy/clean/styled enough for an in-home session. Please don’t get hung up about this. Ultimately, we only shoot in a small percentage of your home. I’d suggest putting some fresh linen on the bed in the room with the best light, tidying up your bed side tables and just a general tidy. Maybe even add some fresh flowers for a touch of nature. There’s no need to have an immaculate home. Your space is the context of your love and connection, not the focus.

What do we wear?

Being relaxed and at your best will make you feel more comfortable during the session. As far as clothing goes, keep it simple, you don't want to be matchy-matchy. Try to stay away from prominent logos or writing on clothing. Don't worry though, when you have booked in, I will share my What-To-Wear guide and my Pinterest board which has lots of ideas on it.

In addition, I work with Mama Rentals who has an amazing collection of beautiful maternity gowns for hire, which are perfect for maternity or newborn sessions! As my client, you will receive an exclusive discount too! Please enquire for details when booking.

What if the weather is bad or we are sick?

If it is pouring with rain and dark we will have to postpone outdoor sessions to another date. If your home gets very dark on rainy days then I usually recommend that we postpone an at-home shoot too. If you or I are sick, then we reschedule. There is no charge to reschedule your session due to illness or bad weather.

What if my kids won't co-operate or smile, will you get good photos?

Trust me, as a mum I have had those fears myself. But, as your photographer, I like it keep it simple. The sessions will be quick + painless for your kids (and you). I ALSO GUARANTEE that will get beautiful photos at the end. I will gently direct you + your family to interact with each other in loving and playful moments. We'll run, jump, laugh and play. Meanwhile I'll simply capture the magic.

Do you give all the images both in colour and black and white? 

I do not-this is just not my artistic approach. Some galleries will have more black and whites than others. I choose based on the emotion that the image gives. If you absolutely want a couple of them in the opposite of what I gave you, just ask. If you know prior to  your session that you love or dislike black and white images, let me know! This is helpful! 

When will I get my image gallery? 

Give me 2-3 weeks. I'll try to get them to you sooner. And many times, I do!