Lara's Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session | Sydney North Shore


I’m a little bit in love with this session. It adds so much of the family’s personality when the photos are taken in their home. I love it! A lifestyle maternity photography session is the perfect approach for capturing the love and fun of a family. It is a very relaxed and candid session. Isn't that what everyone wants? Because it is about having images with personality and emotion. No posing, no stress or feeling you HAVE to smile at the camera, just fun, natural and meaningful story. YOUR story! Lara called me to book and told me that she would love an at-home lifestyle maternity session.   She really wanted stunning photography that tells her and her partner's story in their own home. I was very excited and I just knew from talking to her that we were a great match. This was confirmed when I arrived at her home, and after a short chat we decided what activities I would capture. Therefore the moment I heard Tea and Reading I was thrilled, they are my all time favourite things to do.

I asked them to just go about their normal routine, pretend I wasn't there and just relax. So they did, they made tea, chatted, read books, got cosy on the sofa, laughed, kissed, decorated their Christmas tree and even went for a short walk outside. It was beautiful.

Please enjoy these images, they truly make me smile whenever I look at them :-)

PS: Since I shot this session, Lara and James welcomed a beautiful baby boy called Archie and I was thrilled to photograph him too. You can see his newborn lifestyle session on my blog.

Finally, would you love to have  session like this for yourself? Then please get in touch! I would love to chat to you and plan a lifestyle maternity photography session with you. Drop me a messages via my contact page or email

Sydney Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session 6
Sydney Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session 5