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exist in photos

As mothers we need to EXIST IN PHOTOS

At many of my sessions I can tell that the mum feels a little uncomfortable having her photo taken. Some mums even suggest that the photo shoot should only focus on the kids and that I don't photograph her. Trust me, I get it, because I feel that too. As women we can be over critical of our appearance, feeling like we are not the right weight, or that we look tired etc.  But the truth of the matter is, we need to be in pictures with our kids because these are images our children will look back at in the future. If you don't exist in photos, how will you be remembered?

We want our kids to remember that Mum was there with them. They won't look back at the photos and see your wobbly arms, that you needed a haircut or that you were exhausted. Your kids will remember the laughs, the genuine happiness and just YOU being with your kids. I promise. So when I take a lots and lots of photos of Mum during my sessions it is because I want her babies to have these treasures.  

After seeing Sue Bryce (one of my favorite photographers) speak about how she’s creating a movement (#existinphotos) that encourages you to make sure you exist in photos with your family. 

I am just as guilty as any woman of not existing in photos with my family. I use the excuse that I am behind the camera so I can't be IN the photo too! But is is just that - an excuse!

Try this - go into the photos section on your phone.  Now scroll through and count how many photos you are in that ARE NOT selfies with your kids.  I love a good selfie.  BUT, the reality is that mums are normally the person taking the photos and documenting the memories.  There isn’t anything wrong with this but it means we are missing out on a really valuable moment with our families.  As mothers we need to EXIST IN PHOTOS.

In an effort to help the #existinphotos cause created by the amazing Sue Bryce, here is a photo of me and my son taken recently. Yes I can see my flaws, but I know that my son won't when he looks back at this in the future. He will remember our overseas holiday and the laughs that we had.


Need  more proof? Here are example of photos of mums and their kids that I have taken in sessions recently. When I look at these photos, I can see the love and joy that these mums have for their kids... and their kids will look back on these images in years to come, and feel that too.

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exist in photos family and kids images
exist in photos

Exist in Photos. Do it for them...and you will see that you also did it for yourself.