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Be Ready: A Photographer’s Guide to Documenting Your Belongings for Insurance

Now the long process of dealing with the insurance companies have begun for those of us who have had damaged property. Often when you have to make a claim, the insurance company will ask for copies  of receipts or pictures of the items lost as proof that you actually had them. So I thought that I would write this Guide to Documenting Your Belongings for Insurance with useful tips.

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Tips on how to look great in every selfie!

I have had a busy week of Christmas parties and drinks and with these come the group photos and selfies. With Facebook, Instagram every double-chinned, shiny face can be immediately broadcast to family, friends, and the world at large. Ever wondered why your selfie never looks quiet right? I thought I would give you all some tips on how to look great every time!

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How to prepare for your Maternity Photo Shoot

Whether this is your first or third baby, it is a very exciting time for you and your partner and for many expecting mothers, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy and their journey to motherhood than a professional maternity photo shoot. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best.

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