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beach family photography Sydney

This family's beach photo shoot on Sydney's Northern Beaches is one of my all time fave. 

It was fun from start to finish. The sea was lovely and warm (and I was in there often taking shots!) and the weather was perfect. The majority of my beach family photography sessions take place 60 minutes before sunset, (as this time has the most flattering light, no glare, not too bright and often depending on the location, there may be a great sky and sunset too.) During this shoot, the sun was behind the clouds and created a wonderful pastel tone to the sky.

Samantha won her session in a draw at her local daycare centre. I had donated a gift voucher to the centre for their open day and the winner received a family photo shoot with me. I chatted to Samantha on the phone and asked her to complete my client questionnaire which allows me to get to know her and the family a little better and helps me to plan the shoot. I also gave her some advice on what to wear and suggested that we have a beach family photography shoot as she mentioned that they love to go to the beach on weekends.

When I meet a new family for their session I always make sure I spend a few minutes getting to know the children well and giving them time to warm up to me and see that I am fun and will play with them too. This little boy was 3 years old and very friendly and ready to have some fun.

Many parents of young children are anxious about having a photo session because they worry that their child will misbehave or be uncooperative etc. But I always tell my clients "please don't worry or stress, I want your child to be him/herself and have fun.  There is no such thing as being naughty here, I want to take photos of your child's personality and not just posed photos with a big fake smile on him/her."  I also ask parents not to 'coach' their kids before the session to smile and say cheese etc because all that happens then is I have to try to stop the child doing a fake smile and try to get a natural one instead. I often play with the young child and photograph them when they are being silly or laughing at me because that is where a great natural smile comes from.

beach family photography Sydney

I suggested that the family play on the beach and in the sea with their kids and ignore me, I would just shoot away and take lots of photos of them being a family. There was lots of running along the beach, jumping in the water, snuggling and laughter. I think we all got wet. The resulting images are so full of energy and smiles and you can see the love and connection that they all have for each other.

beach family photography Sydney
beach family photography Sydney

TIP: When choosing a location for your photo shoot, I always advise my clients to think about where they like to go on the weekends/holidays. If you enjoy spending time at the beach then a beach family photography session would be perfect because you know that your children will be familiar with it, will have games they like to play there and there are lots to do and see on the beach. If however you love to go for bush walks or go to the park, then that is the perfect place for your session. Your child might enjoy picking up sticks or leaves or climbing trees. I have lots of beach and park locations that I use so please let me know what you feel like doing for your shoot.

If you would like to book your own beach family photography session (or any other location in Sydney) I would love to hear from you. You can contact me via the contact page HERE or via email or phone. 

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