Be Ready: A Photographer’s Guide to Documenting Your Belongings for Insurance

Now the long process of dealing with the insurance companies have begun for those of us who have had damaged property. Often when you have to make a claim, the insurance company will ask for copies  of receipts or pictures of the items lost as proof that you actually had them. So I thought that I would write this Guide to Documenting Your Belongings for Insurance with useful tips.

Tips on how to look great in every selfie!

I have had a busy week of Christmas parties and drinks and with these come the group photos and selfies. With Facebook, Instagram every double-chinned, shiny face can be immediately broadcast to family, friends, and the world at large. Ever wondered why your selfie never looks quiet right? I thought I would give you all some tips on how to look great every time!

8 tips for a family portrait session that you’ll actually enjoy!

When it comes time to book your family portrait session, do you start to feel a little nervous? Do you worry that your kids will misbehave? That they won't smile or co-operate? Do you worry about what to wear for the session? Well fear not, I have created a list of family portrait session tips to help you prepare and make sure that you actually enjoy yourself!

Brilliant pregnancy clothing tips for photos

Your tips for what to wear

Do you panic about what clothing you should wear for maternity photos? Many women feel that they have put on lots of weight during their pregnancy and that they will look awful in their pregnancy photos. Well don't worry! I have some brilliant pregnancy clothing tips for photos to ensure that you will always look and feel beautiful.

pregnant woman with parasol sydney
maternity gallery

I love the full range of options that are available for today’s mum-to-be, such as soft and flowing or crisp and modern. There are so many options to choose from.

Here are some pregnancy clothing tips on what to wear for your photos that will show off your belly and give it the definition it deserves


1) Try flowing dresses or skirts that can be gathered to show off your figure.

2) You can’t go wrong with jeans and a dark or white tank top or bandeau. For jeans and pants, try for “under the belly” style to show off your bump.

3) Go barefoot for a more natural and fun look.

4) Another gorgeous option is to wear a long tutu skirt and matching lace bandeau, or a pretty chiffon dresses (see the photos below).  I have both of these cute items available for my clients to wear so if you would like to wear them, just ask :-)

5) Scheduling a hair and makeup appointment prior to the session will pull together your look almost as much as selecting the perfect outfit

6) Bring a large sunhat for summer shoots, it can look great with a long dress, plus it will protect your from the sun!

7) For a winter maternity photo shoot you can wear a tight chunky sweater over jeans to show off your belly.

8) Have a look at Pinterest for more pregnancy clothing tips and create a board of your fav items.

pregnant woman on sydney beach photo
sydney beach pregnancy photo


1) Just prior to your session, try to avoid anything tight that will leave a band mark or indentations on your belly.

2) Don't wear baggy or shapeless clothing. Embrace your beautiful new shape!

3)In general avoid wearing jewellery and watches during your shoot (unless there's a really good story behind the piece). The BIG exception is wedding and engagement rings! Classic diamond studs make sense and are totally appropriate.

4) Don't wear clothes that have patterns (particularly pin stripes or small checks) or large obvious logos.

5) Don't forget to be comfortable at all times. Wear clothing that reflects your personality and that you feel gorgeous in.

Have you got any pregnancy clothing tips? Comment below and I will include them.  s on what to wear for maternity photos