Passing on family recipes

Recently my son Harry had to write and cook a family recipe that represents his heritage. So, he decided to make traditional Irish Stew, which is a huge favourite in our house.

Many people make their stew by placing alternate layers of meat, onions, carrots and potatoes and then stew it for a couple of hours. When made in the traditional manner this dish is thick, hearty and not thin like a soup. It is a very easy recipe and perfect for Harry to learn to cook for dinner. To say he was very proud of himself at the end is an understatement - he loved learning to cook and I'm so glad that I have these photos that document his first meal.

Juan-Luis | Newborn Photography Sydney

I have now photographed this family three times and I love watching their family grow. This was the second newborn photography session that they have booked with me in their home on Sydney’s North Shore.

This family are originally from South America and are bringing up their children as bilingual so they spoke mostly Spanish during the session, which I must admit I love listening to.

Do you know what is so great about having your newborn photoshoot at home?  It is that you can be a lot more relaxed about what happens such as toddler meltdowns, clothes getting dirty, baby not sleeping or needing a feed etc. All of the above happened at this newborn photography session. It actually meant that we got the REAL story of their life at that special time and show what happened when a new baby joined their family. Those moments that they will look back on and smile when look through the photos in the future.

My personal favourite photos from a baby photoshoot are of the baby feeding because it is often a quiet moment between baby and mum that result in beautiful and intimate images. Tiny fingers curled around your hand, those snorts, grunts and sighs that babies make when they feed, falling asleep mid feed and of course the eye contact between baby and mum. It is also a great opportunity for me to grab those detailed shots of ears, fingers and baby’s hair.

After mum had fed the baby, his big brother (who is only two) joined us and he watched her change the baby’s nappy and clothes. He showed me his baby brother’s toes and nose and he was fascinated by how tiny he was. We took this opportunity to get some photos of them together on the bed, as with toddlers, you have to act quickly so they stay engaged.  I put the whole family on the bed, asked them to snuggle and play together and try to forget I was there while I photographed them. 

Baby photoshoots are meant to be fun! if you want to book your own newborn lifestyle session with me please get in touch.  Enjoy the photos from Juan-Luis' session below.

newborn photography sydney_1.jpg
newborn photography sydney_3.jpg

Winter session in Fagan Park

Winter session in Fagan Park

I was thrilled to get a phone call from Claire to book a winter session in fagan park with her husband and son. This was going to be the fourth time that I photographed this family and I was looking forward to seeing them again. I appreciate repeat business and love building a relationship with my clients, watching their children grow, and providing them beautiful photos of their family.