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Meet Tara Ward

Who am I?
When you first speak to me, you will notice from my accent that I am not Australian, I am originally from Ireland (Dublin) and I moved to Sydney in 2003.  

My husband is also Irish and we have a nine-year-old son and four cats, which makes it a very fun house! We have lived on Sydney's North Shore for 15 years, moving from Manly (on the beach) all the way up to Berowra Heights (near the bush) and in a few other suburbs in between.

What I love about being a photographer
There is nothing I love more than creating an image that makes you FEEL something whether it be joy or sadness. My absolute favourite time of day to shoot is at sunset. The golden rays and soft sunlight make my heart sing.

My favourite things...
I really enjoy exploring new places, drinking many different tea blends and hanging out with friends. I also love my husband's silly jokes, my son's belly laughs, and reading through a pile of books as high as a house.  I would fill my home with flowers if I could afford it (or mid-century modern furniture.) I adore champagne, listening to jazz and photographing Autumn leaves.

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You only get one sunrise and one sunset a day, and you only get so many days on the planet. A good photographer does the math and doesn’t waste either.
— Galen Rowel