More and more families are looking to find an emotive family photographer with the ability to capture real emotions and real moments. These are the images that matter, that make you feel something. Photos that make you remember the way your toddler laughed, the smell of your sweet new baby, the joy of watching your daughter twirl, how your significant other could make you laugh like no one else.

I will create authentic, beautiful images that show your family just as they are. No perfectly posed, smiling at the camera families here. Instead, real emotion and real families!

I would love to spend some time getting to know your beautifully imperfect family. A session with me contains lots of laughing, snuggles, running, and dancing. It’s truly a fun experience for the families in front of my lens and for me too.

I can't wait to photograph you and your family. Tara x


I want this session to be authentically you.  I will guide you, and prompt you, but I want you to feel relaxed, engaged and true.  You will be made to look and FEEL beautiful throughout the session.


 How can I bring the story of your new baby to life? You will EXPERIENCE, moments that you will remember and think back on and smile. Relax and just enjoy it and let me do the work.


There is so much magic in family connections and I treat each session as it's own unique story. While shooting, I guide my families to interact with each other in loving and playful moments.

Hi, I am Tara and I love photographing the REAL moments


Are you looking for a photographer to take a photos where everyone looks at the camera and smiles? Then I am not your girl. I can tell you this though, what I want to give you is so much more than that. I believe in photographing the feeling. I want to connect with you and find out what makes your heart soar.

Are you a homebody? Lets photograph you guys at home snuggling on your bed and having tickle wars! Do you love the outdoors? Lets' go explore somewhere new and photograph the adventure along the way! I want to photograph who you are.  I will get silly with your kids during the shoot and will encourage them to fully unleash their unique personality. No Pinterest inspired sessions here because every bit of your session is as unique as you and your family! 



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